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  Protheses Factories by Handicap Technicians

Project Objectives
GCCF?s prostheses factories operated by handicap technicians are willing and ready to provide services to those in need of new prostheses and maintenance on the current one. This is an important process for reintegrating the victims back to the society. It also helps them psychologically by letting them know that there are still people who care about them and they are not abandoned by the society. And that they are people with potential to help creating a better society for all.


  1. To provide services to those living far away from public hospitals. By using a concept of local based prostheses factories, operating by local handicap technicians.
  2. To expand the boundary of the services into more remote places where people are poorer and less able to commute to public health care services.
  3. To enhance skills and ability of our handicap technicians.
  4. To add benefits to the communities and societies by reflecting on the philosophy that ?Equip the handicap with the ability to help themselves and others?.
  5. To create a benchmark of how to operate these local based factories, for other communities in different parts of the country to follow. Also shows cooperation between local institutions, private sector and governmental sector in making better communities.

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