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  The Humanitarian Demining Operation

Humanitarian Demining Project
Thailand?s situation on landmines and UXO?s

Thailand still has landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXO) in 27 provinces of the country. The area affected is accounting for 2,556.7 square kilometres. There are 3,500 people affected by landmines and UXO each year.

Areas of contamination in Thailand; ranging from most to least.
Area 1  Thailand ? Cambodia border (2516) Trad,
Chanthaburi, Sa Kaeo, Burirum, Surin
Si Sa Ket, Ubon Ratchatani
Area 2  Thailand- Myanmar border, Thailand ? Laos border
Area 3  Thailand ? Malaysia border

General Chatichai Choonhavan Foundation (GCCF) is the only private civilian run organisation in Thailand that is involve in demining. GCCF works with the assistance and support of Thailand Mine Action Centre (TMAC).

GCCF hands the land which were cleared of any landmines and UXO back to the original owners. The land then can be use for agriculture or local market. This will help to develop the local economy thus will benefit the people living in the area.

Area Markings, Landmines and UXO?s

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